Frequently Answered Questions

When is the workshop?

We are back for 2022! May 17 to 21. In Syracuse, NY

What time do you start on the first day?

We start bright and early at 8am, we expect our participants to arrive 15 minutes early and bring your gear with you.

What time do you end on the last day?

We hold a graduation ceremony and we are usually done by 3pm or 4pm. We encourage people to stay overnight to celebrate their new skillsets.

Do I need to rent a car?

That's totally up to you. The majority of stories are with within 25 min driving distance from the workshop HQ. If you do rent a car, you will not need it the entire time. Your opportunities to shoot your stories are on Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and maybe Friday, depending on how your shooting went. Uber, Lyft, Zip Cars, and taxi cabs are also available in Central New York.

How do I get from the airport to the official hotel?

There is a free shuttle from the airport to the Syracuse Sheraton Hotel (the official hotel with the NPPA discounted rate.) The airport is 10 to 15 min ride from Syracuse University / the Sheraton. When you land at the just call the hotel and they will come to pick you up from: 5 am to 10:30 pm. Phone: (315) 475-3000 Toll-Free: (866) 716-8115

Do I need to find my own story?

Nope, we find local story topics and characters for you. Each participant picks their story out of hat at the start of the workshop, so you can focus on learning the technology and storytelling, and less about parachuting into a foreign town to try and find an interesting story out of the blue.

Having said that, if you are working on a beat or want to cover a certain topic in Syracuse and already have a story idea, you’re welcome to do that, but setting up those logistical details are up to you but check in with us before the workshop to make sure you ridea will be usable for the workshop's curriculum.

What kind of stories have students produced in previous years?

Check out the hundreds of examples from Pulitzer Prize winners, White House Staff Photographers, leading educators and more Immersion alumni.

What software will I be learning?

We will be training with Adobe Premiere on 27” iMacs provided by Syracuse University.

Do I need to bring my own gear?

We recommend you bring your own gear so that when you return to work you have all the answers to your gear questions, but having your own gear prior to the workshop is not required both Sony and Canon will be on hand to loan out gear -- usually the latest gear that each brand has available, and Syracuse University provides 27 inch iMacs and the software installed on them to be used for the workshop.

What if anything is required gear wise?

Sony and Canon will be at the workshop loaning out gear. We recommend you bring your own SD cards. You can also bring your own camera gear. We will recommend you check out gear from a vendor so that you are using the latest gear and technology. You must bring a tripod. We will not be supplying tipods for particpant use.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

We make it so that there is 1 coach for every 2 participants, the highest of any workshop or other training experience short of a personalized mentorship! This allows you to get very personalized training from the top visual storytellers and educators in the industry.

Who are the coaches?

The team changes a bit every year, but here’s last year’s warriors to give you a feel. We pride ourselves on the extremely high quality of our family of coaches. We select them specifically for five core reasons: They’re excellent teachers with years of experience coaching. They’re innovative visual storytellers who have a mastery of the technology. They’re hard workers. (This workshop goes long and it goes hard. It’s an Immersion, so your coaches will be up with you, coaching by your side throughout the night if needed.) They’re from a diversity of backgrounds, mediums, skillets and experiences. They’re great to have a beer with. (We work hard, we play hard.)

We also have official reps from Sony and Canon on hand throughout the week to answer questions and help with the gear (as well as show off some of their advanced features and pro-tips).

Do you have any discounted rates?

Outside of the discount for NPPA members, we don’t offer any other discounts. Those rates are $1,095 for NPPA members or $1,245 without a membership.

Do you have any grants available?

Not this year. Sorry.

I don't want to take the workshop I just want to observe can I do that?

Sorry, we don't allow any outside observers due to space constraints.

Can I ask for a specific coach to work with?

We match coaching teams to the participants skill sets, so while we will do our best to match up participants with appropriate coaches, we can’t guarantee anything.

Where can I get more information about the workshop?

Feel free to email us! We are very good a responding to email quickly.

Do you ever sell out?

Yes, in the past we have sold out almost every year and we have to top out the workshop at 24 participants.

When do you start registration?

We will begin registration on March 15, 2022. immersion at