Lauren Frohne
Lauren Frohne
Video Journalist
The Seattle Times

Lauren Frohne - The Seattle Times

Lauren Frohne is a video journalist for The Seattle Times, where
she collaborates with a small video team and staff photojour
nalists to produce engaging, character-driven stories that
explore social issues, news, and the diversity of the Seattle
community. Previously, she was the multimedia producer for
the Open Society Foundations, a human rights and social justice
organization working with some of the most marginalized
populations in the world. And before that, she was a video
journalist for The Boston Globe. She earned a master’s degree
in journalism with a focus on visual communication from the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2010, and her
work has taken her all over the world from Liberia to Slovakia,
Haiti to the Galapagos Islands, and across the United States. She
is also currently in production on a longterm documentary film
called ‘Spilling Over’, focusing on the lasting effects of the BP oil
spill on a family and community in Venice, Louisiana.