Andrew DeVigal
University of Oregon

Andrew DeVigal - University of Oregon

Andrew DeVigal is the inaugural Chair in Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement and the first professor of practice in the School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) at the University of Oregon. Previously, he served as the multimedia editor at The New York Times, where he helped guide the newspaper’s print-driven format into the multimedia era and integrated new approaches to interactive storytelling into The Times’ long tradition of journalistic excellence to help shape the industry with techniques still in use today.

With Laura Lo Forti, DeVigal co-founded A Fourth Act, an interdisciplinary collective of storytellers, facilitators, researchers, designers, and technologists using stories and technology to empower audiences in becoming agents of change in their communities.

DeVigal is an Emmy-award-winning innovative strategist who builds bridges by connecting ideas and people to produce meaningful and interactive stories. With his exceptional knowledge of possibilities and deeply innovative forward thinking, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead teams, engage audiences through purposeful user experiences, and invent creative new approaches to interactive storytelling.

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