What was the Miultimedia Immersion Workshop

We regret to announce that after 17 years of inspiring creativity and innovation, our Video Storytelling Workshop will no longer be held due to dwindling interest. This workshop was more than just a learning space; it was a multimedia immersion experience aimed at empowering storytellers with the skills to effectively plan and develop their stories, enhancing both workflow efficiency and the quality of their narratives. Participants had the privilege of learning professional audio recording techniques straight from audio documentary experts, gaining hands-on experience with the latest audio, video, and photo equipment. The workshop offered in-depth training in shooting visuals for multimedia storytelling, including documentary techniques and strategies for solo journalists. Additionally, attendees received comprehensive video production editing training with Adobe Premiere, alongside vital knowledge on ethics, legal issues, and navigating the freelance landscape. Our aim was to inspire with insights into cutting-edge multimedia projects from industry leaders, while also introducing emerging platforms and storytelling tools, from mobile devices to drones. We extend our deepest gratitude to all who participated and contributed over the years, fostering a community passionate about character-driven stories. Your dedication has left an indelible mark, and we encourage you to continue pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.