Multimedia Immersion
May 16 - 20 2023

This year’s workshop dates are May 16 to 20 2023 in Syracuse, NY.

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An intense, five-day, hands-on training video storytelling workshop
for visual storytellers looking to expand
and grow their video skills using the latest technology or
looking to up their game in storytelling. Past participants have included photojournalists, writers, academics, public relations professionals, videographers, and many more.

Loveleen Kang

" I completed the week-long intensive Video Journalism program at NPPA Multimedia Immersion in Syracuse. I came out of it a changed person. I feel validated in my desire to tell stories and that this ability for people to connect and share vulnerably with me is an important skill. "

Loveleen Kang
Courage & Creativity Coach & Content Creator and Director of @behindthefare
Peter Taylor

" As a freelance story teller, one can not have too many skill sets in the quiver. Being able to combine motion, sound and action into a cohesive piece has been, and I suspect will be, very important for the rest of my career. "

Peter Taylor
Photographer @
Peter Taylor

" I came to this to FIND amazing people in the field because my exposure to other photojournalists is pretty low. But I really loved how you got folks who were pushing the boundaries of video journalism. More of that is always great. "

Ryan Caron King
Smiley Helps Students

Learn Storytelling

We provide the most personalized training experience with the lowest student-to-teacher ratio (with about 20 coaches for 40 students). Students will be personally coached by industry leaders and the best educators in the country.

Sung helps students

Learn HDSLR Skills

Participants will be provided with computers and software to use for the week from the S.I. Newhouse School for Public Communications at Syracuse University. Cameras from Canon and Sony will also be provided for use on site.

John helps students

Learn Video Editing

Hands-on video production editing training and experience on Adobe Premiere and ethics and legal issues. Every student will produce their own finished, professional project -- from capturing all the content to editing to compressing the final files.